Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sideways Trees

         Hello, dear readers. I wish you the most amazing year. I've been spending a lot of time thinking about this past year, usually, though, all of the years blend together and I can't separate the holidays or vacations from previous ones. But I hope your year was filled with good memories. I hope you're all doing good and feeling good. I hope 2014 is wonderful for you all, and I wish you the happiest of times.
         So I'll give you one more oddly nonsensical story before I go intensely weird on you. I'm thinking about writing poems or shorter short stories about things like Mother Nature, Father Time and Death.
          This story was recently published in my school newspaper (I'm on the Publication Design team) and its dreamy and odd but I hope you enjoy it. I'll post again soon, thanks for reading…

Sideways Trees
I made my way back out to the edge of the woods in hopes I’d get to see my friend, Mara, again. The last times we had met, she had led me to parts of the woods I didn’t even know existed. Caves filled with glowing rocks that lit the way.
I don’t know how she finds me. We never set a time or place for meeting but if I walk long enough, she almost always turns up.
“Scarlet!” I heard my name as I went deeper in. “There you are. Are you ready to go?”
I nodded and smiled as she led me down the little stream I had stopped by.
“Where are we going this time?” I asked.
“You’ll see.”
She wore shoes sort of like mine and an old t-shirt and worn jeans. We walked a while more then she stopped and pointed to the left.
“There,” she said with wonder in her voice. Her big doe-eyes shining.
I looked in the direction she was pointing in and saw a great cliff. We were at the bottom of it. The side of the cliff was covered in trees. Sideways trees peppered all over it up to the very edge.
“You up for it?” Mara asked. I nodded.
She raced for the first tree and I followed. She ran as fast as a deer and leaped for the tree closest to the ground. She caught it, hoisted herself up, reached for another tree and climbed onto that one. She motioned for me to join her. I attempted to copy her movements, and failed at first, but soon got a hang of it. We climbed together, Mara falling ahead a lot, too fast for me, and would have to wait for me to catch up. I was panting by the time we had made it to the top. It was only about fifteen feet up and Mara didn’t seem out of breath at all. We looked back down at the sideways trees. It was king if disorienting, looking at it that way. I nearly forgot which way was up or down if I stared too long.
Mara got to her feet. “Come on,” she said.
I got up and followed her. The top of the cliff was just dirt and grass and only about twenty feet in all directions before there was another edge. It felt like I was standing on an island in the sky. Mara walked to one edge except when I got  there I saw that it wasn’t a cliff’s edge, but a long, grassy hill. The kind every little kid dreams of rolling down. The woods continued a little farther down, farther than I thought it would go. It looked endless from here, like the woods had swallowed up every man-made part of the world. Of course, Mara and I had to roll down it.
“You first, Scarlet. So we don’t crash into each other.”
So I crossed my arms and legs and Mara gave me a push. Soon enough I was spinning at what felt like impossible speeds. My sight went quickly from sky to woods to ground and back again until I reached the bottom. I reached out to stop myself from rolling. The sky was still spinning for a while and when it stopped I sat up to watch Mara. She seemed to be a world away. Her figure waved to me before lying down to roll. Her laugh reached down the hill, sounding like the wind. She sped about a quarter of the way down before I spotted a single bird fly away from her as if she had been holding it. She spun a bit longer and another bird then another blue in color flew away from her. Then there was an entire flock so many I could hardly see Mara through the blue feathers. Then there were butterflies, dragonflies, animals and insects blended together, seeming to have come off of the girl. I ran closer but the distance seemed so vast. I was far off when what I thought was Mara had reached the bottom of the hill. Except Mara had been replaced by a young doe. Watching me from a distance. I stopped where I was and watched it, too. We stood there for a moment before the doe sped off into the thick trees so fast I had hardly seen it go. I reached the spot where it had been and there lay a chain with a pendant the size of a marble. It was a globe, sparkling and detailed spinning slowly on the chain when I picked it up. I realised the wave Mara had given me was not a hello, but a goodbye.
When I had gotten home that day, to the cabin a few miles off, I saw blue birds and dragonflies and butterflies all flying and fluttering around the trees and roof of the house. They chirped and buzzed louder as I approached, wearing the globe necklace. They sang and flew in circles, filling my vision with them. I laughed and they mimicked the sound.

That night I dreamed of grassy hills and sideways trees.

Thanks so much for reading! What are some of the greatest memories you have of this year? Post a comment below, tell me about it and tell me what you think. Thanks for reading!

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Waiting Room

Hello, dear readers. Happy Halloween! I know, I'm two days late, but its better late then never.
So, I have come up with a little halloween story for you guys to help you think outside the box a little. Hope you're having an awesome weekend. Here goes. . .

* * *
    Mr. and Mrs. Goodman sat in the rickety old waiting room chairs. They had been waiting for an extremely long while, but they were a patient couple and had all the time in the world. A few others sat around them; people who had come into the waiting room far more recently. Waiting, of course, with tired, annoyed looks on their faces. Mr. and Mrs. Goodman had once looked like them too, but now they were always smiling and chattering pleasantly. Some day, the others would wear the expressions they did also.
   Mrs.Goodman straightened out her dress, brushing off the dust that had gathered on the fading fabric. She tried adjusting it to fit her better, but the dress was from a time when she had been plump and well-fed. Now, it could not conceal her ribcage, skinny legs, and sharp shoulder blades. She glanced over at Mr. Goodman, who had once looked sharp and handsome in his dark suit ad button-up shirt, but the same problem now showed on him also. Mrs. Goodman, though she had taught herself not to, looked at the clock and calendar hanging on the opposite wall. It read "October 31st" and "6:58 p.m." and she felt the ghost of her heart skip a few beats. She flexed her bare feet and tapped Mr. Goodman on the shoulder.
"Look, George, its nearly time! Maybe we're really going this time, George."
"Maybe, dear," he said, slowly, as if trying not to get her hopes up. But Mrs. Goodman saw a glint of something almost behind his eye sockets. Soon the shadowy man at the counter would call them over and either tell them their wait was over, or tell them around how much longer they had to wait fot.
Mrs. Goodman picked her old hat up off the ground and brushed that off too. She gingerly took off some of the brown hair that must have fallen from her scalp some time ago. The hooded man at the reception desk waved, saying in a deep, rattling voice, "Mr. and Mrs. Goodman to the front."
So they got up eagerly and made their way to the front desk, Mrs. Goodman's heels clicking as they hit the floor.
"Well?" Mr. Goodman said, struggling, as he always did, to keep his glasses from falling off his head, "What's the verdict, sir?"
"I'm happy to say it is time already, for you two to be on your way. Congratulations. I shall lead you on your way to your new beginning, but I can only go a certain distance. I wish you a fair travel."
And Mr. and Mrs. Goodman embraces in a clatter of parts, for interlocking their skinny, hard limbs was a difficult affair. They thanked the man and waved a quick goodbye to the jealous looks on the other waiter's faces.
The hallway they began going through was dark, but they could see a wondrous, eerie light at the end. A faint, white shape stood in front of the doorway.
"Mr. and Mrs. Goodman: We welcome you."
* * *
Vivien A.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hello, Odd Souls

Hello, readers,
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but school has started and quizzes, tests and homework have begun. I'm going to post about Paris soon, but until then, here's a small poem I wrote. This is dedicated to my friends, old and new, who can light up my day with a few words and a smile. Thanks for being there for me and all you good friends out there, keep it up and keep in touch. You don't know how much you'll miss them until they're gone.

Hello, Odd Soul
Let's go dancing till we're old
Escape from all reality
Into a land of mystery
Hello, Odd Soul
Laugh and sing forever bright
Hold my hand, hold back the fright
and follow me into the light
Once Again, Old Friend
Speak to me till daylight's end
Write me letters, poems, and songs
together we'll rewrite our wrongs
Once Again, Old Friend
Take me back where it begins
Where we hoped and dreamt and ran
I'll be with you till time shall end
Good Night, Dear One
As the thunder rumbles on
Don't you fear, unlock your chains
Feel lightning coursing through your veins
Good Night, Dear One
I'll be here when you arise
Lay back down and close your eyes
Darkness shall not conquer the light
Which burns in you throughout the night
Hello, Odd Soul
Without you I won't be whole
I hope you know
I'd miss you so
Don't disappear
For I'll be here
Under the willow where we had grown
Under the willow where time had flown

I hope you enjoyed reading and visit me here again. Until next time, goodbye, odd souls, and thanks for reading! 

Please don't claim any of my my work as your own, sharing is fine as long as this blog is given credit. Thank You!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fifty Feet Up

 I was walking to the park one fall day. There wasn't one kid my age around hear. All the kids in my grade are too afraid to hang out here on weekdays because it's where all the regular 'gangs' hang out after school. Well, the only way to get to John's house was to walk straight through here. With luck I'd get there alive. Relax, John does this every day, I told myself, but soon remembered that he was safe because his older brother was the leader of the high-school gang that ran everything around here. Though Finnly park is small and miserable-looking, apparently that's the best place for gangs to hang out. I was almost through the park, right at the edge by the big oak tree when I ran into the one and only Drake Marcus and his gang. I took a look around for something to hide by. Drake never really gave me any trouble. You stay out of their way, they stay out of your's; but sadly something as simple as making eye contact with any of them is already “getting in their way” not to mention I was in their territory.
I made my way to the big oak and leaned on the trunk as casually as I could, but I felt them making their way towards me. They all surrounded Drake—five of them in all—in a practiced square. It all depended on what they thought of me that ultimately decided of they'd go easy on me (which did happen sometimes) or hard on me (which happened more than sometimes.)
They got to the tree after what seemed like forever.
Who's this shrimp?” Drake asked.
That's Tom Connel,” one of his goons said.
Something flashed in Drake's eyes right then. I'm not sure what but it was gone after a second.
Tom the Bomb?” he asked me.
It was like I was never gonna live that one down. It was a nickname I got when me and some guys accidentally made a test tube explode on a field trip to some science center two years ago in the fourth grade.
I nodded.
He nodded too.
You're not bad, Tommy boy,” he said like he was considering his options. “Tell you what: You climb this tree and fetch me that kite up there. Then we'll all go our separate ways, Tommy. No need to look so scared, now.
The boys around him all turned to him in surprise at the simplicity of this task. He paid no attention. The edges of his lips twitched. “That alright with you, Tommy?”
I have to admit that I was surprised too. I had heard a lot of crazy stuff that Drake made people do. Climbing a tree wasn't one of them.
I gave him another nod.
That kite had been there at the top of that fifty foot oak for as long as anyone could remember. It pretty much represented Finnly park.
But I found a low branch and hoisted myself up. Sure, I'd climbed trees before, but never this tall, but the old oak's branches were thick and stable so I started climbing, just like that. I felt five pairs of eyes on me. They'd started making bets already.
Bet he'll wimp out at 20 feet.
Bet he'll fall before that.
I heard laughter under me, but soon enough I was too far up to hear the guys.
I didn't want to look down. I told myself not to but it happened anyway. I took one look below me and I couldn't see the ground from where I had come. I must've been more that thirty feet up now. Then all of a sudden I felt dizzy and started to lose my balance. I grabbed around for a branch but missed and just as I had braced myself for the fall, something caught me. My eyes were shut tight so I couldn't see what. I opened them to see a pair of arms linked under mine.
Someone caught me.
You okay?” she said.
It was a girl.
I—I'm okay,” I stuttered.
Good that. On your feet, then.”
I stood up on the branch I had been standing on before.
Follow me,” the girl said, “I can get you to the top.”
So I followed her up through the tree branch by branch and we climbed in record time.
Then soon enough I saw a flick of color and I realized that the kite was only so many feet away now. I sped up a bit and then soon enough it was right in front of me.
We made it,” I said, sitting on a particularly thick branch and put my pack against the trunk of the tree for support.
You made it,” the girl said, sitting on a branch beside me.
I looked over at her sitting there. Dark straight hair blowing in the wind. Green eyes thoughtful. She looked about my age.
What's your name?” she asked, turning to me.
Tom,” I said. “What's your's?”
Emilia,” she answered.
I looked around to the kite and I started reaching out for it.
What are you doing?” Emilia asked.
I paused. “I'm taking the kite.”
No!” she said and smacked my hand away.
You can't. It's mine,” she said firmly.
But I can't go back down without it,” I said.
Well you don't have to go back down.”
And for a second I was willing to stay up here, fifty feet up in the air with this strange girl.
Fifty feet up...” I thought out loud.
Better than six feet under.” she said.
I wasn't sure if she was making a joke. I looked around at the view before me. I could see every gang planning attacks, pointing people out. I could see John's house right across from the small street below me. Staying up here wouldn't be too bad. But soon memories of food and water and on-the-ground things and people filled my mind and I said, “I should go back down now.” I hesitated, “You can have the kite.”
She smiled appreciatively, then it faltered and she asked, “Will I ever see you again, Tom?”
Sure you will,” I answered right away. Her smile returned.
Then I think I'll stay up here a while,” Emilia said, now leaning back on the trunk of the tree.
Okay.” I hesitated, then started making my way back down the tree. I looked back up at the girl.
Goodbye, Emilia,” I said.
She looked down and smiled at me.
Goodbye, Tom.”

It was only when I had gotten all the way back down that I noticed how much time had passed. The boys had long-since left and I was glad I wouldn't have to deal with them. For now.
I walked around the tree to see if I could spot Emilia at the top when I tripped on something and fell to the ground.
I got up quickly and saw it was some kind of plaque. I leaned down and read the words in the orange light of the setting sun.
Then there was an engraving of a kite under the words. A rotting rose lay next to the plaque along with a picture taped to the tree.
It was a picture of a girl, my age, sitting on a low branch of the tree, with dark, straight hair blowing in the wind. Green eyes thoughtful.

        Written by Vivien A.

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 Happy Summer and thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Mad~insane, crazy, wild.
Not "mad" as in, "I'm mad at you,"
"Mad" as in "We think he's gone mad.
This is the definition of "mad" I used to create this.

Inspired by the song "Madness" and the book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, I created this piece off of an image that appeared in my head while I listened to this song. In my head, it was actually a t-shirt, (which it may be someday) but with different colors, but the same overall design. I think it has been improved during the transformation from private idea to an exposed wonder. I am really proud of this piece--maybe more that any other artwork I've made. It all fits together so perfectly to me. The background bright red with "MAD" written all over it, (36 times) and a picture of the Mad Hatter, which I printed and colored. Then for the final touch, I printed a page from the book across the image of the hatter and placed in the middle of the canvas.

This mixed media collage now hangs in my room, right across from the strangest hat I own.

Thanks so much for reading,
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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Edge of the Homework Lands

  The end of the year is almost upon us. We are leaving the Homework Lands and quickly approaching Summer Territories where June, July, and August await. The question is if we are all ready to shuffle away from the train tracks that have brought us so far.
  There are a few feelings you may have about the up-coming summer.
What would you write to the engineer of this train we're all on?

1.  Dear engineer person,
I hope everything is going well. I was just writing to you to ask if you could speed up this trip a bit. I'm getting pretty bored. 
I know we're supposed to arrive in the Summer Territories in June, but could we try for maybe...May 2nd? 
Thank you for your consideration,
Bob Boberson

I want off this train right now. I'll walk the rest of the way if I have to. I'll probably get there sooner than all of you at the speed this train is going at. I won't take another day of this so just stop the train as soon as you get this.
Bob Boberson

3.  Dear engineer guy,
I know we are supposed to arrive in the Summer Territories in June, but I was wondering if you could slow down a bit. I still have a few goals to reach and the speed we're going at makes me nervous. So if you'd be so kind as to change the day of our arrival to about...July 27th? I'm not sure I'm ready to say goodbye to all the friends I've made on this ride.
Bob Boberson

Or maybe you're in the middle. Part of you wants the school year to be over and another part of you doesn't want to say goodbye.

What would you write to the engineer of the our train? What's the name of the train? What are you going to miss or what are you looking forward to?
Let me know in the comments below,

Thanks so much for reading,

Monday, March 18, 2013

Bobby, G. Spi, and the Nameless Necklace

Hello people of Earth, today I'm going to show you how easy it is to make your own original necklaces out of everyday things and stuff you might find around the house.

This first one is my bobby-pin necklace or Bobby for short. yes, it is just a string with a bunch of bobby-pins put on it but it looks amazing and, honestly, nobody even notices they're bobby-pins when you put this much on it. It takes people a while to figure it out.

I like to call this the golden spiral necklace (or G. Spi) because that's, literally, what it is. (Well, it's the color of gold, anyway). I was getting into the car when I found this spiral thing on the ground and I cleaned it and kept it in my backpack and it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I decided to make it a necklace.

So this last one does not have a name because, sadly, I could not think of one... on this necklace is one of those twisting things at the end of a wind-up toy if you know what I'm talking about. I really just started wearing this because it came off of my favorite wind-up toy, which is now sadly broken, and for some reason I figured it was good luck.

Well that's all I've got for today, leave a comment below, tell me what you think or help me think of a name for my necklace! (yes. It needs a name.)

Thanks for reading,

Thursday, February 7, 2013

How to Make Someone's Day

  As you all know, e-mailing, texting, and calling has completely blocked out communication by mail. I mean, if you wanna let someone know something really important, you're gonna call them. If you just wanna say hi, your gonna text them right away. I'm not sure what the appropriate occasion to e-mail is... maybe to let them know you're having a birthday party and it didn't feel right texting all your friends' moms or something like that. Whichever way you choose, you're not using post mail. SO, here's something you want to do to make someone's day.

!. choose a friend or family member you want to send a card to. Maybe just someone who needs some cheering up, or just a friend you think will laugh when they see this.

@. start off with a blank card of your choice, and get ready with pens and pencils and coloring thingamabobbers and all that jazz.

#. open the card whatever way, horizontal or diagonal, and take a loose piece of paper, and just glue or tape the top to the top of the right page.

$. now you're ready to begin. Write a short paragraph that pretty-much says, "Dear Bob, I'm writing to you from Your Name enterprises and the connection wasn't very good so I've decided to mail you a letter instead of, (what's it called?) Oh, yes, texting you..."
Be creative. Your goal is to make this person laugh, but don't stress over this one paragraph, it's just the opening.

%. once you've finished, go to the next page and at the top write something like, "This next page contains highly classified information, so if you can guess this password, you're free to look."
Then you can write a hint if you want, or you can leave some letters there like, "B_NA_AS"----(BANANAS) and try to make it obvious like an inside joke or just something they would know.

^. Now this next page is totally yours. Write about your last adventure to Jupiter. Write about how a giant slug tried to eat you when you were stranded on an island alone for days. Or, if you really want to, write a totally formal letter, but throw in something totally random at the end, just to get a smile. (:

&.  now don't forget to end with Sincerely, or with love.....I'm just kidding, you can end this with, "Well, the president's here, better get the door, Goodbye." for all i care. make sure the reader realizes this is from your head not some blog you found....... but that doesn't matter! Because this is about Bob and you, not me.

*. alright, you're ready to send. You've CHECKED YOUR SPELLING, and all the important things like, CHECKING YOUR SPELLING, are taken care of, right?
Right. Now after you've put this in an envelope, written the address of the person you've sending it to, written your return address, put a postage stamp on, and put it in the mail box, (no, not your mail box) those big blue mail boxes...? Ring a bell? Right, yes, and you've already sent it,

Good. Just making sure we're clear.

Well, that's all I've got for you today. Make sure you leave a comment and let me know how all this went!

Thanks for reading! Bye!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


  Hi. Jeeze I haven't typed in so long... This is taking forever.
Anyway... as some people may know, I do not, and will never wear matching socks. At this very second I am wearing miss-matched socks. If you'd like to know why, ask someone else 'cause I've got no idea. I've been doing this for all of 2012 and 2013 (no it's not a bet.) and it never get's old 'cause the other 11 years of my life I've been wearing matching socks, but not anymore my friend. I shall only wear matching socks if it's an extremely special occasion, otherwise these socks are staying different.  I've worn different knee-high socks before. Ya maybe its kinda crazy but I've done crazier things... much crazier things...

my socks
My friends, it's once again time for me to end my post so adios and au revoir, readers.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Can't-Misses and Must-Reads...and man't-risses...

 Hello again. Today I'm gonna tell you guys about some books and serieses...serieseses...series'?...(I hope you know what I mean) can't miss and must read.

 First off I'll tell you about a book called Tuck Everlasting. This is an extremely sweet fantasy book I read and loved by Natalie Babbitt. It's about a young girl named Winnie and her odd experiences with the strange Tuck family. I honestly do not recommend the movie, in my opinion it is a completely different story and the book will touch you much more. It's really  can't-miss book and I think kids 10 and higher will enjoy this the most (;

 The Spiderwick Chronicles is a fantasy and adventure book by Tony DiTerlizzy and Holly Black about the adventures of the Grace children after moving into their great uncle, Arthur Spiderwick's estate. Here, they discover a world of faeries through a guide written by Arthur. There is a continuation of 3 books with different characters but I prefer the first ones. This is a series all kids 9 and up should read. I remember my brother me and some friends got obsessed with it at one point {: This is a must-read.

 The Mysterious Benedict Society is a series of books with more to come by Trenton Lee Stewart about four gifted children, Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance, and their adventures. These are gripping books with amazing writing. Stewart's writing is so clever and exciting you don't want to put the book down. The grammar is sort of complex so I'd recommend this to ages 11 and up. This is a mix of can't-miss and must-read...its a man't-riss, or a... you get it.

 The Percy Jackson series is a fantasy adventure series about Greek mythology by Rick Riordan. When I read the first book, I was hooked. It's about a boy named Percy Jackson and his adventures at Camp Halfblood. I strongly encourage this book. It's a must-read. I'd say kids 9 and up should read this amazing series. Rick Riordan does have other books I have not read but you might wanna check those out too.

 And last but definitely not least, Tangerine by Edward Bloor. This is a, no question about it, must read. It's about a boy named Paul Fisher ,who just moved from Houston, and his family and experiences in Tangerine, Florida. This may seem boring, but this is one of the very best books I've ever read. It is so gripping and unlike any other book I've read. I recommend this to anyone 11 and older.

Thanks for reading! Until next time, have fun, inspire, and get inspired. Bye!