Saturday, November 2, 2013

Waiting Room

Hello, dear readers. Happy Halloween! I know, I'm two days late, but its better late then never.
So, I have come up with a little halloween story for you guys to help you think outside the box a little. Hope you're having an awesome weekend. Here goes. . .

* * *
    Mr. and Mrs. Goodman sat in the rickety old waiting room chairs. They had been waiting for an extremely long while, but they were a patient couple and had all the time in the world. A few others sat around them; people who had come into the waiting room far more recently. Waiting, of course, with tired, annoyed looks on their faces. Mr. and Mrs. Goodman had once looked like them too, but now they were always smiling and chattering pleasantly. Some day, the others would wear the expressions they did also.
   Mrs.Goodman straightened out her dress, brushing off the dust that had gathered on the fading fabric. She tried adjusting it to fit her better, but the dress was from a time when she had been plump and well-fed. Now, it could not conceal her ribcage, skinny legs, and sharp shoulder blades. She glanced over at Mr. Goodman, who had once looked sharp and handsome in his dark suit ad button-up shirt, but the same problem now showed on him also. Mrs. Goodman, though she had taught herself not to, looked at the clock and calendar hanging on the opposite wall. It read "October 31st" and "6:58 p.m." and she felt the ghost of her heart skip a few beats. She flexed her bare feet and tapped Mr. Goodman on the shoulder.
"Look, George, its nearly time! Maybe we're really going this time, George."
"Maybe, dear," he said, slowly, as if trying not to get her hopes up. But Mrs. Goodman saw a glint of something almost behind his eye sockets. Soon the shadowy man at the counter would call them over and either tell them their wait was over, or tell them around how much longer they had to wait fot.
Mrs. Goodman picked her old hat up off the ground and brushed that off too. She gingerly took off some of the brown hair that must have fallen from her scalp some time ago. The hooded man at the reception desk waved, saying in a deep, rattling voice, "Mr. and Mrs. Goodman to the front."
So they got up eagerly and made their way to the front desk, Mrs. Goodman's heels clicking as they hit the floor.
"Well?" Mr. Goodman said, struggling, as he always did, to keep his glasses from falling off his head, "What's the verdict, sir?"
"I'm happy to say it is time already, for you two to be on your way. Congratulations. I shall lead you on your way to your new beginning, but I can only go a certain distance. I wish you a fair travel."
And Mr. and Mrs. Goodman embraces in a clatter of parts, for interlocking their skinny, hard limbs was a difficult affair. They thanked the man and waved a quick goodbye to the jealous looks on the other waiter's faces.
The hallway they began going through was dark, but they could see a wondrous, eerie light at the end. A faint, white shape stood in front of the doorway.
"Mr. and Mrs. Goodman: We welcome you."
* * *
Vivien A.

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  1. Very well Vivien, I love your articles :)
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